Rock cellars

Explore the inside of the volcano! In the rock cellars interesting inclusions in the rocks are awaiting you.

They bear witness to the enormous forces of former eruptions. Blocks of a light- colored rock that are several meters in size are stuck in the dark-colored clastic rock. The blocks are often rounded, a reflection that they were moved up and down by multiple eruptions, like in a ball mill. The cellars were originally made for storage of food and beer.

The three rock cellars are open daily from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm and can be visited free of charge.

In front of the rock cellars you can attain general information about the formation of volcanoes in the region. The information panel is a part of the GEOTour Volcanoes of the GEOPARK Bavaria-Bohemia and the GEO-center at the continental deep drilling project (KTB) Windischeschenbach.


Eingang Felsenkeller