Permanent Exhibition

Each visitor receives headphones free of charge at the cash register for an undisturbed listening experience. Attach them underneath the screen, select your language (German, Czech or English) and immerse yourself into an exciting exhibition!

GEOLOGY: "The volcano forms"

A volcano in Parkstein? How did this come about and what happened during this process in the interior of the earth? How did the spectacular basalt columns form? On the ground floor the visitors learn all about volcanism in Parkstein. In short clips the background information about the eruptions, solidification and erosion of the basalt cone is conveyed.

HISTORY: "Local history"

The basalt cone has always characterized the town and its citizens and was starting point for the impressive local history. On second floor the visitor experiences Parkstein through the ages and immerses in the eventful past with castle, country judge, chaos of war and market rights. Here you will also encounter well-known personalities from Parkstein, such as the composer Franz Strauss or the infamous robber Franz Troglauer.

PRESENT: "Life on the volcano"

In the top floor of the museum the visitor has the chance to get to know the present life on the base of volcanic cone. In addition to entertaining stories on the quality of life of the volcano inhabitants and the economic power of the market town, the exhibition takes a look at the unique flora and fauna in the nature conservation area and shows the position of Parkstein in the volcanic landscape of Bavaria and Bohemia.

Vulkanlandschaft DG Ausstellung 3 Ausstellung 4

The redesigning of the storey "Life on the volcano" was supported by the District of Upper Palatinate as well as with funds from Bavarian nature park funds with friendly assistance of the Nature Park Northern Upper Palatinate Forest.